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23 December 2010 @ 07:37 pm
Another Happily Ever After - Chapter 1  

Here's my new fanfiction (:
dedicated to a special someone ;)


"It's so wrenching and irritating that I can't go home
I want to keep walking like this" 


June 19, 2010
Tsunagari High School ~ Yokohama, Japan

“That was so…sad!” I sobbed as I was trying to catch my breath “I-I-I…I wish my life was like that…” I just finished watching “Bokura Ga Ita” a Romantic anime, it was absolutely adorable! I grabbed some tissue beside my computer monitor, I started using it to wipe my tears and blow my nose. I made a huge sound when I blew into the tissue.

“Okay! Class! Now, please send your assignments to my e-mail and you’ll receive your final mark for this class next week.” A stern voice came from behind me.

“Oh shoot.” I let out as I slapped my face hard, I gained control of the mouse and clicked the minimized window on the bottom left. It was a word document that had the words “How Japan Came to be” in bold across the document but those were the only words that were visible to the eye. “I’m in trouble…” I sighed as I saved the document and placed the notebook that was on the side of the keyboard in my backpack along with a Sanrio Hello Kitty Pencil case at the corner. When I finally prepared myself, I turned off the computer and stood up to see that everyone already left their work area and were already in the halls getting ready for lunch. I let out a sigh and did the sign of the cross “I hope Sensei doesn’t get mad.” I mumbled to myself as I walked over to the desk in front of a blackboard with the Sensei sitting there with his comb-over hair and thin framed glasses.

“Uhm…Hasegawa-Sensei…” I said as I stood in front of his desk and looked slightly down but able to see his face. “Kawasaki-san, you’ve spent the whole period watching that anime did you not?” He said with no emotion but he continued to do what he was previously doing, a chill went down my back when he said that. It scares me how he knows what I’m doing when he’s just sitting at his desk the whole time. “Ah…Yes” I said with a disappointed voice as I fiddled with my thumbs. He cleared his throat and pulled out a piece of paper from his drawer and handed it to me “Kawasaki-san, if you aren’t able to hand in your assignment by the end of this week. You will have to finish this course in Summer School” He said sternly but with a serious look on his face when I looked up at him. “Ah, yes sir…Uhm, Sensei? What is this?” I grabbed the paper with my hands and began to read it “It’s a record of how well you’ve been doing in this class” He said before I could even figure out what I was reading.

“YOU’RE GETTING A 23 IN THAT CLASS?!?!?!” My friends yelled out as I told them. After I found out what mark I was getting in History Class; I just wanted to run away and kill myself. “Yeah, if I hand in that History Assignment we were doing today, I may be able to boost it up to be able to pass that class…” I said as I begin to frown. “God, Jani-chan, what are you doing in that class anyways?” My friend Ami said with thick frame glasses and luscious brown hair as she scoffed at me. “Why are you even going to ask her such a question? She’s obviously watching those ridiculous animes like she does in every class!” My other friend Minami said with a ponytail and a lot of accessories. “Just like Jani…” My last friend Haruki said as she had her hair down and started stuffing her face with her homemade bento. “Jani-chan, you need to grow up and stop dreaming you were living in an anime. This is real life.” Ami said as she placed her hand on my shoulder. “You guys just don’t understand…! You always put me down! Why can’t you accept the fact that I hate my life and I want something amazing to happen to me?” I yelled as I began to tear up at the hurtful words my friends were blurting out.

“Jani-chan, what do you want another happily ever after?” Haruki laughed

Another Happily Ever After

Background Music for the Intro !

June 19, 2010
Somewhere in Yokohama~ Alleyway

“Stupid friends…They never understand me!” I said to myself as I started kicking a rock that was in my way, I held my backpack by my straps and began kicking the rock around. I tried kicking the rock further but my skirt would rise up and Japan has a lot of perverted old business men. My name is Jani Kawasaki; I’m a sophomore at Tsunagari High School. I love anything anime / drama related, you might consider me an Otaku. I’m currently dealing with a crisis as I’m about to fail History class.

“Sensei, I’m getting a 23?!” I yelled out! “You better raise that mark Kawasaki-san” He said as he rested his chin on top of his hands.

“Ah! Why is history class so boring?!” I yelled out and ruffled my hair, after I was done with my tantrum I completely let the top part of my body dropped. I picked my body up and saw the rock on the floor; I checked my surroundings to see if anyone was around. Nobody seemed to be around, so I kicked the rock as hard as I could. I watched it, I watched it sore as it was cutting some serious air distance, and I also watched it fly right into someone’s…

“AH!” A guy yelled out

The rock managed to go so far; it managed to hit someone who was passing by the alleyway right into their head. “Ah!” I ran over to the guy who suffered a dreaded fate. “A…are you okay?” I said as I looked at the guy who was a few inches taller than me rubbed the side of his head. “Watch what you’re doing!” He yelled at me, when he took his hand down, right before my eyes was an extremely attractive guy. “I’m sorry…” I bowed to him as I was slightly blushing. “If there…If there is any damage…My name is Jani Kawasaki if you’re looking for me.” I said as I stood up and faced the guy. He just gave me a look “Jani Kawasaki?” He said and began to smile; it pretty much gave me a little hope in my love life “What makes you think I’ll be ever seeing you again?” He laughed and rubbed his head “Just to be fair, my name is Minoru Takano. I better not see a friend request from you anytime soon.” He laughed and walked passed me “Later shorty” He said in my ear and ruffled my hair.

When he walked away, I yelled out “WHO ARE YOU CALLING A SHORTY…YOU…YOU…IDIOT!” I yelled out but realized people were staring at me as I was in the busiest shopping district of Yokohama and not in the alleyway anymore. I came to my senses and gave an awkward laugh and tried to make my way into the nearest store available. “Ah, that was a close one…” I said as I rested my body by the glass door, just then a delicious scent filled the air. “Huh?” I perked up and began following the smell. “WOW! Look at all the pretty food?” I said looking into the display case, I found out I was in a newly opened bakery and it smelled divine. “Are you interested in anything?” A voice from above asked me, I looked up as saw it was this recently graduated student I had a crush on. “Oh! You work here…Sempai?” I slightly blushed and tried to find the right words to say. “Huh?” He looked at me funny but then realized my outfit “Oh, you were the freshman at Tsunagari High right? The one…” As he was beginning to reminisce I cut him off “Ah, let’s not bring back any unpleasant memories. This is a nice bakery.” I looked around and inhaled the wonderful aroma. “Actually, I own it with my family. My little brother should be…” He began to look at his watch “Dustin-nii!” A loud familiar voice from the back yelled “Ah, there he is. Just a minute…” He said as he walked into the back, when he returned he held a large box and placed it in the back. “How were your deliveries?” Dustin said as a boy walked in with a large box. He placed it side by side where Dustin placed his box

“It was okay, except I got hit in the head by a rock.” He said and turned around; when I looked at him I was pretty sure my pupils increased in size “IT’S YOU!” I moved back to the wall “Ah! You’re the girl who hit me in the head with a rock!” He yelled out and pointed at me “Oh, so you both know each other?” Dustin smiled and clapped his hands together.


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